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My husband and I moved to Swakopmund in December 2009 and my ballet School in Swakopmund opened its doors in March 2010. In 2015 the ballet studio moved to The Dome.

Since 2010 International RAD Examination Sessions have been arranged and held in Swakopmund affording students the opportunity to enter for these examinations on a yearly basis. (See article on RAD Ballet Examinations.)   (It is of note to mention that students can only be entered for these official RAD examinations by a registered and accredited teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance).

Swakopmund, although being a small town has a very gifted population and it continues to be a joy to work with enthusiastic students, and to observe their tremendous progress.

When safe to do so regular organized watching days are organized to give parents the opportunity to observe the progress of their children.

Throughout these two devastating and traumatic years of Covid the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) has continued to organize very strictly controlled video graphed external ballet examination sessions. This has enabled students to continue with their lessons and be able to progress to the next level without any lowering in standard of their qualification/s received.  For many of the students this has been a lifeline.   A lifeline which has sustained them throughout this very challenging time.

Since 2010 ballet concerts have been staged on a regular basis.    We have staged lovely Ballet Productions and Presentations such as “Thumbelina”, “The Nutcracker”, “Coppelia”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter & The Wolf “, with excerpts from “La Sylphide”, “The Sleeping Beauty”, “La Fille Mal Gardee”, “Don Quixote”, “La Bayadaire” as well as other classical demonstrations, and in October 2021 were able to participate in a concert at the Dome together with the orchestra Strings Attached.

Tap Dancing and Character Dancing are also included in the ballet training and have been included in these productions as well.

“For me Ballet is and will always remain a Life’s Passion”

“It is truly a privilege in life to be afforded the opportunity to assist in the development of young lives and students”

My time as a Ballet Lecturer at the Windhoek
Collage of the Arts (COTA)

I am mentioning my time at COTA Windhoek as I feel that in my journey as a Ballet Teacher my time spent as lecturer at the College had a very profound and positive influence on my life, and in becoming the teacher that I am today.   

Prior to my husband and I moving to Swakopmund I had for many years held the position of Ballet lecturer at the College of the Arts (COTA) Windhoek.

There were of course very many ballet students under my tuition at COTA – with a substantial number from all corners of the globe.

With each and every one of these students still remaining clearly etched on my memory – and no matter what different careers these students may have gone on to pursue later in life – the feedback received from so many of them over the years has been overwhelmingly about the positive influence ballet has had on their lives – and about the life lessons learned during those years of disciplined training – and about how these lessons have assisted them so greatly in dealing with so many of the challenges that they have had to face moving forwards in their studies and various professions.

During my time at The College of The Arts Windhoek, Namibia was very fortunate in receiving much encouragement and financial support from various countries and financial institutions all eager to assist in the promotion and development of the arts in this country.  This tremendous support enabled the College (COTA) to stage many wonderful productions and displays in music, art, dance, and drama.   Bursaries and donations also afforded many students wonderful opportunities for further study locally and abroad.   These opportunities all enabled students to grow tremendously – and for me it was a wonderful experience to be a part of all that.

As a teacher there were many of life’s lessons to be learned as well.   I learned that no man is an island unto himself and that all children, no matter which nationality, or from which part of the globe they may come, are all remarkable and truly alike!

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