Regular Attendance

Many parents have asked me over the years how they can get their children to become more interested in their ballet classes, and my answer has always been the same each time.

“Try to see that they attend their lessons regularly”

Class or Teamwork

Attending regularly is as much about the individual student as it is about the group that they are learning and working together with.  A category A class” is not necessarily a class where all the very obviously talented students are grouped together.  

A class that performs the best is without a shadow of doubt the class where all students involved attend regularly and where the flow and harmony of the learning process is kept constant enabling all students to progress together with equal understanding and enthusiasm.

It is in learning about others that enable students to learn much about themselves, and it is in this environment and atmosphere of harmonious and positive learning, that the individual qualities of each student can best be identified, encouraged, and brought out to greatest advantage.

Psychological Aspect

Psychologically children have a very acute and innate sense of fairness and find it very difficult to understand why they should always attend their classes regularly when one or more of the other students, friends, or siblings don’t.   The student who has always attended classes regularly might then in turn also start looking for a reason to miss a class or two – and then it becomes a never-ending circle!

Knowledge & Understanding

Ballet is not about learning steps.  It is a whole educational & training process. Students often absent from a class lack the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the elements worked on during missed lessons, and it is unfortunately this very lack of understanding which often results in boredom, which in turn ultimately leads to the loss of interest!  Students frequently absent from class can also gradually become dis-connected from the other members of their group resulting in the feeling isolation or rejection.   

Confident & Interested Ballet Students

For me as a teacher it has been very interesting to note how restless and prone to boredom children can be when unsure of their work – and how interested, disciplined, absorbed and confident they become on gaining positive knowledge and understanding of what they are doing! 

“Ballet is The Most Important Genre because it is The Basis of Most Other Genres and is Where All Technique Comes From”

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